Our Services

Customized service to meet builder’s needs
We are determined to partner with our builders and help them reach their goals. New builders turn to us for guidance on today's market, latest trends and the wants and needs of the consumers. Many would like us to help create a signature product for them. Seasoned builders have come looking for fresh ideas. We have developed many successful plans for our current builders and have teamed up with them to help build their success. They continually come back to make lot adjustments, client modifications and changes to offer variations for their clients. Over the years we have also been very successful working with out-of-town builders.

Systematic approach
Our years of experience help shape the systematic approached we take on every project. We put together a client notebook that serves as a step by step guide through the design process and development of a new home: What to expect, what decisions you will need to make and when to make them and how best to work with us. It is an illustrated guide that follows an actual project beginning to end as a sample.

Complete set of plans for building permit
Each drawing set includes:

  • Front elevation
  • Side and rear elevations
  • Foundation / lower floor plan
  • Floor plans
  • Roof plan
  • Structural and framing notes
  • General notes

Floor plans with alternate front elevations
One of the biggest advantages in developing a relationship with Webster Architects is that once we design a house for you or you purchased one our plans, you have made an investment.

We can now go back in and adjust the plan to fit future lots, modify the plan for a particular buyer or offer a variety of front elevations for the same plan.

Design consultations
We offer design consultation. Many of our builders have been working with plans from another source and would like us to review the project and offer suggestions of design or do value engineering. We can often suggest ways to bring it up-to-date, add character or perhaps make it a more affordable and efficient design. We offer this service on hourly bases and can typically do a complete design consultation for $300-$600. This may be the best investment you ever make.

Drawing details
Our finished sets of plans are a permit set of drawings and does not include details of things such as a fireplace mantel. For an additional fee, we can include interior and exterior details that may include things like art niches, moldings, coves and built-up drywall or make color selections of materials and specify cabinet design.

Complete MEP support
Although we do most of the engineering in house, on the projects that require mechanical, electrical and plumbing design we partner up with an engineering firm and coordinate the project.

Site visits
We are available to make site visits before or during construction. This fee would is based on an hourly fee plus mileage.

Construction administration
We are available to assist you in construction administration. Typically this is handled as per client’s needs.

Meeting with the homeowner
Many builders prefer that we work with their clients to help in the communication process of design. We are available to work directly with the homeowner or sit down with you and your client to help work through the design issues together.

Sales flyers
We offer sales flyers to aid in the marketing process. Our flyers are on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet showing the floor plans with room sizes and a front elevation. We also provide the breakdown of square footage and the overall width and depth.

Color renderings
We offer:


Energy Calculations
The REScheck (formerly MECcheck) materials have been developed to simplify and clarify code compliance with the Model Energy Code (MEC), the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), and a number of state codes.

We offer the service of providing a REScheck report to show compliance for $195

As an option we can provide detailed specifications for your project.