Our Leadership

Our Staff
We are completely committed to doing our best on every project for the best interest of each client. Since each member of our design staff works with dignity, together we create plans that not only our clients benefit from but we create something we all --client, staff and community can be proud of.

Dan Webster
To me, being an architect is not a profession; it’s who I am. Everything seems to revolve around residential architecture. Whether it’s taking the family on vacation to see the latest housing designs in Phoenix or taking my wife on a weekend “get-a-way” to the National Home Builders Convention. Most of the 30 or so magazines I subscribe to are about architecture, as are many of the books I buy. Of course I have other interests and activities, but for me, designing and drawing are not “work”, it is fun.

Other than honesty and integrity, I think the most important character trait a person can have is pride in their work. Whether it is designing, drafting or just answering the phone, if you care about what and how you do things, you can go home at night with a great feeling knowing that you did the best you could do.

Kathleen Fogel
Architecture to me is a perfect blend of many of my favorite things in life. I have a passion for ART, all kinds and I am consumed by it. This is not exclusive to books or walls, I see it everyday and everywhere I look. On the flip side; ENGINEERING strikes a cord with my logical side. In it I find meaning and order – I am very comfortable in that realm. Another would be MUSIC –for it moves my soul. Perhaps most importantly I must add to the list PEOPLE, to include the wisdom of those who lived before and the wisdom of those I am fortunate enough to meet each day. I am in a constant struggle to develop my skills as an architect and it is from these things I draw my inspiration.