Why Do You Need An Architect?

Since we all live in houses of one sort or another, we may not appreciate the number of decisions that have to be made before a house or a remodeling project can be completed. Someone must think through literally thousands of decisions in even the most basic home. The task becomes even more complex if you want a home that is well thought out, with spatial interest and continuity, rather than an assemblage of unrelated feature and forms. Entrusting someone to consciously make those decisions instead of leaving them to chance can ensure that you get the home or addition you want. Since our firm's founding in 1988, we have worked with hundreds of clients in various capacities.

What Does An Architect Do?

Many people think architects "draw blueprints". Preparing construction drawings is only one phase of the service an architect provides. Just as there is more to writing a novel than typing the manuscript, designing a home involves much more than "drawing blueprints". Both involve many hours of thought and exploration for the result to be of value. It is, in fact, the thought, exploration, creativity, and attention to detail before the final drawings are started that give value to the resulting home.

The process of designing a home can be broken down into phases. These Design Phases sometimes overlap or are combined, depending on the project, but an understanding of each phase is important to grasp the full scope of the architectural design.