Offering a choice in residential architecture &
Expanding building portfolios

A major role of Webster Architects is to serve our builders. We have crafted our services around these relationships and we do our best to cater to their needs. We have found that these needs vary as widely as the builder’s themselves. We develop new model houses, work with custom clients, alter existing plans, and help in the development of subdivisions. Our work often overflows into supporting their websites and aiding their marketing needs. We do work for all types of builders. We work with small-volume builders, (those that build 25 or fewer homes a year) who tend to build high-end homes. This often requires a site-specific design for a particular client. We also do work for the production builders, who are typically large volume builders. These builders’ build at all price points and use stock plans offering plan choices and options. Our reputation is built on the accomplishments of our builders, so we take an active role in insuring their success. With confidence we work together to build pride into home and neighborhood.